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Foundation Game Design with HTML5 and JavaScript

Apress - Foundation game design with htmL5 and JavaScript teaches you everything you need to know about how to make video games. You’ll learn to make maze games, platform jumping games, and fast paced action games that cover all the popular genres of 2D gaming. Master collision detection, Enemy AI systems, player control, basic physics and easy trigonometry.

The techniques in the book are comprehensive enough to form the basis of a career as a game designer, and form a solid foundation for continued study of programming and graphic design for games. Whether you're creating games for the web or mobile devices, everything you need to get started on a career as a game designer is right here.

Foundation Game Design with HTML5 and JavaScript - This book is the missing link that will guide and inspire any curious and creative person to turn a good game idea into a reality. Focused and friendly introduction to making games with HTML5. You’ll learn all the latest programming technologies HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to create your games. Who this book is forfoundation game design with html5 and JavaScript is for a non-technical creative person who wants to learn the art of video game design, but has no idea where to start or where to look for help.

All written in a fun and friendly style with open-ended projects that encourage you to build your own original games. Foundation game design with html5 and javaScript starts by showing you how you can use basic programing to create logic games, adventure games, and create interactive game graphics. Detailed case studies demonstrating techniques that can be used for making games in a wide variety of genres.

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The Advanced Game Developer's Toolkit: Create Amazing Web-based Games with JavaScript and HTML5

Apress - All the math and programming techniques are elaborately explained and examples are open-ended to encourage you to think of original ways to use these techniques in your own games. You can use what you learn in this book as the basis for making games for desktops, mobile phones, tablets, or the Web. You’ll discover how to develop games and game levels using Tiled Editor, how to design advanced pathfinding and enemy AI systems, the fundamentals of broad-phase collision, how to implement tile-based collision, and how to make isometric games.

All the techniques and supporting code are explained in an easy-to-understand manner and written in a general way so that they can be applied to any game engine or technology that you’re comfortable using. You'll find detailed working examples, with dozens of illustrations and many concepts you can freely apply to your own projects.

Master the most important skills and techniques you need to know for professional HTML5 and JavaScript 2D game development. The advanced game developer's toolkit is a great next step if you already have some JavaScript game-making- experience, or a great continuation if you've already read Advanced Game Design with HTML5 and JavaScript by the same author.

The Advanced Game Developer's Toolkit: Create Amazing Web-based Games with JavaScript and HTML5 - What you'll learnwork with advanced tile-based design techniques for puzzle, platform and maze gamesuse tiled editor to build game worlds build path-finding and AI systems using Line of Sight and A* A-Star Make isometric games Manage complexity to build games of any size that scale seamlessly Who This Book Is For  Video game developers with some experience who want to learn the essential techniques they need to know to take their skills to the next level and for readers who want to understand and fine-tune every line of code they write, without resorting to quick fixes.

 . This book delves into many of the great classic techniques of video game design.

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Building JavaScript Games: for Phones, Tablets, and Desktop

Apress - The final chapters in the book contain a very nice bonus of sorts. In them you will find excerpts from interviews with two prominent people from the game industry: Mark Overmars, who is CTO of Tingly Games and creator of GameMaker, and Peter Vesterbacka, the CMO of Rovio Entertainment - the creators of the Angry Birds franchise.

The approach in building JavaScript Games follows the basic structure of a game rather than the syntax of a language. From almost the very first chapter you are building games to run on your phone or other device and show to your friends. Their insight and perspective round off what is already a fun and valuable book.

Building javascript games teaches game programming through a series of engaging, arcade-style games that quickly expand your JavaScript and HTML5 skills. Javascript is in the top ten most-used programming languages world wide, and is the basis for applications that can run in any modern browser, on any device from smart phone to tablet to PC.

Successive projects teach about handling player input, designing game worlds, managing levels, manipulating game objects, and realism through physics. All told, you’ll develop four well-designed games, making Building JavaScript Games one of the most enjoyable ways there is to learn about programming browser-based games.

Building JavaScript Games: for Phones, Tablets, and Desktop - Especial emphasis is given to touch-based interface, but all games also run using a regular mouse and keyboard setup. The four games you’ll develop from reading this book are:Painter Jewel Jam Penguin Pairs Tick Tick These four games are casual, maze, arcade-style games representing the aim-and-shoot, puzzle, and platform styles of game play.

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Advanced Game Design with HTML5 and JavaScript

Apress - You'll discover how to create and render game graphics, add interactivity, sound, and animation. You can use what you learn in this book to make games for desktops, mobile phones, tablets or the Web. No libraries, your computer, no third-party plugins: just you, no dependencies, and the code. You’ll learn how to build your own custom game engine with reusable components so that you can quickly develop games with maximum impact and minimum code.

It’s also great follow-up book for readers of Foundation Game Design with HTML5 and JavaScript by the same author who want to add depth and precision to their skills. How do you make a video game? advanced game design with HTML5 and JavaScript is a down to earth education in how to make video games from scratch, using the powerful HTML5 and JavaScript technologies.

Advanced Game Design with HTML5 and JavaScript - You'll find detailed working examples, with hundreds of illustrations and thousands of lines of source code that you can freely adapt for your own projects. You’ll also learn the secrets of vector math and advanced collision detection techniques, all of which are covered in a friendly and non-technical manner.

Advanced game design with html5 and javascript is a great next step for experienced programmers or ambitious beginners who already have some JavaScript experience, and want to jump head first into the world of video game development. The game examples in this book use pure JavaScript, so you can code as close to the metal as possible without having to be dependent on any limiting frameworks or game engines.

If you’re looking for a book to take your game design skills into the stratosphere and beyond, this is it! This book is a point-by-point round up of all the essential techniques that every game designer needs to know.

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Pro HTML5 Games: Learn to Build your Own Games using HTML5 and JavaScript

Apress - This essential book teaches you to master advanced game programming in HTML5. Understand how to develop complex, bolder games and become an HTML5 games pro using Pro HTML5 Games today. What you'll learn create realistic physics in your game by incorporating the box2d physics engine design large worlds with lots of characters and let users interact with themUse sprite sheets, parallax scrolling, and sound effects to build a more polished gameIncorporate pathfinding and steering to help characters navigate through your worldCreate challenging levels with intelligent enemies by using decision trees, panning, state machines, and scripted eventsAdd multiplayer in your games using Node.

Js and the webSocket API. You’ll learn techniques that you can transfer to any area of HTML5 game development to make your own professional HTML5 games. Led by an expert game programmer, path-finding, artificial intelligence, you’ll build two complete games in HTML5: a strategy puzzle game based on the Box2d physics engine and in the style of Angry Birds and a real-time strategy RTS game complete with units, buildings, and multiplayer support.

Pro HTML5 Games: Learn to Build your Own Games using HTML5 and JavaScript - This new and fully updated second edition now includes chapters on mobile game development and an essential game developer's toolkit. Build your next game on a bigger scale with Pro HTML5 Games.

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The Web Game Developer's Cookbook: Using JavaScript and HTML5 to Develop Games Game Design

Addison-Wesley Professional - Want to start building great web games with html5 and javascript? moving from flash or other game platforms?  Already building HTML5 games and want to get better and faster at it? This guide brings together everything you need: expert guidance, sample projects, and working code!   Evan Burchard walks you step-by-step through quickly building 10 popular types of games.

It’s all you need to jumpstart any web game project!    . Each game recipe uses tested and well-proven patterns that address the development challenges unique to that genre, and shows how to use existing tools and engines to build complete substantial game projects in just hours. Need a quick javascript primer? evan burchard provides that, css, and chrome •    getting up to speed on web development with a quiz game built with javascript, html, text editor, terminal, and more •    accelerating development with external libraries and proven patterns •    Managing browser differences between IE,   JavaScript console, game engine, too!   Coverage includes   •    Mastering an essential HTML5/JavaScript game development toolset: browser, Firefox, and JQuery •    Creating INTERACTIVE FICTION “gamebooks” that leverage new CSS3 features and impress.

The Web Game Developer's Cookbook: Using JavaScript and HTML5 to Develop Games Game Design - Js •    building paRTY games around the lightweight atom. Js engine •    developing PUZZLE games with the easel. Js graphics rendering engine •    Writing PLATFORMERS with melon. Js and its integrated tilemap editor •    Coding intense 2-player FIGHTING games for web browsers with game.

Js •    building a space shooter with the jquery-based gamequery game engine •    implementing pseudo-3d techniques like ray casting for an FPS First Person Shooter style game •    Producing a 16 bit RPG Role Playing Game complete with interfaces for dialog, inventories,   and turn-based battles with enchant.

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Introducing JavaScript Game Development: Build a 2D Game from the Ground Up

Apress - You will learn how to work with htmL5 and the canvas element, how to understand paths, how to draw to a design and create your spaceship and asteroids. Make the process of creating object-oriented 2D games more fun and more productive and get started on your game development journey.  . Learn to build a fully-functional 2d game inspired by the 1979 Atari classic, Asteroids, using just HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Developed from an undergraduate course module, Introducing JavaScript Game Development teaches each new technology as it is introduced so can be followed by enthusiastic beginners as well as intermediate coders. New web technology allows even beginner developers to turn their hand to game development. Each chapter is designed to take your code base to the next level and to add to your skills.

Introducing JavaScript Game Development: Build a 2D Game from the Ground Up - Developing games has never been easier than it is now. You will work step-by-step through the game design process, and refactoring the code as necessary along the way, starting with only what is necessary to complete each step, reflecting the natural progression that code follows in the real world. After completing the examples in this book you will have the tools necessary to build your own, high-quality games.

You’ll then move on to animating your game, and finally building.

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Learn Pixi.js

Apress - Learn how to create applications for desktop and touch-screen devices, and how to use the best open-source plugins to extend Pixi. Js’s capabilities in a myriad of exciting ways. If you've ever wondered what you need to know to start making games, or what technology you need to build high-performance mobile apps, this book will show you the way.

. Create and display interactive graphics, make cross-platform, responsive games and applications for multiple screen resolutions, build scenes and animated transitions, and use Pixi. Js’s spectacular WebGL rendering effects. Learn Pixi. Js is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know to quickly start making spectacular cross-platform interactive games and animations.

Learn Pixi.js - Take a step-by-step tour of Pixi. Js's features by building fun game projects. Learn how to use Pixi. Js to make richly interactive graphics and all kind of cross-platform applications. Learn Pixi. Js is a fun and practical brief introduction to using the powerful Pixi. Js graphics-rendering engine for making websites, games and mobile apps.

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Make Your Own Pixel Art: Create Graphics for Games, Animations, and More!

No Starch Press - Make your own pixel art is a complete, illustrated introduction to the creation of pixel art aimed at beginners just starting out right through to the experienced pixel artist wanting to enhance their skills. Hand anyone a pencil and paper and they can start drawing, but it's just as easy to draw digitally using a keyboard and mouse.

. With make your own pixel art, shading, colors, pixel art techniques, the importance of shapes, pixel artist Jennifer Dawe and game designer Matthew Humphries walk you step-by-step through the available tools, and how to turn your art into animation. By the end of the book, texture, shared with the world, and color use- the basics of motion and how to animate your pixel art creations- best practices for saving, you'll be creating art far beyond what's possible on paper!Make Your Own Pixel Art will teach you about:- Creating pixel art using the most popular art software and the common tools they provide- Drawing with pixels, sketching, and form a basis for a career in art, design, including sculpting, and adding emotion to your artWith a dash of creativity and the help of Make Your Own Pixel Art, your digital drawings can be brought to life, sharing, shading, or the video games industry.

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Multiplayer Game Development with HTML5

Packt Publishing - Build fully-featured, develop, hands-on guide that builds on an existing single-player game, highly interactive multiplayer games with htmL5About This BookDesign, and adds more networking capabilities at each of the iterationsWho This Book Is ForIf you are a HTML5 game developer who can make basic single-player games and you are now ready to incorporate multiplayer functionality in your games as quickly as possible, and release your multiplayer web-based HTML5 gamesAllow players to go head to head against each other, debug, or collaborate together in the same game worldA progressive, manage, then this book is ideal for you.

What you will learndesign games using various multiplayer modelscreate authoritative game serversdevelop game clients that communicate and synchronize with other clients through WebSocketsWrite responsive multiplayer games using client predictionUpgrade an existing single-player game by adding multiplayer mechanicsUse state-of-the-art technologies to make the development process and its end product enjoyable to programmers and amazing to the playerCreate peer-to-peer gaming using WebRTCIn DetailDeveloping an online game can be just as much fun as playing it.

Multiplayer Game Development with HTML5 - It covers the fundamentals of game networking by developing a real-time multiplayer game of Tic-tac-toe before moving on to convert an existing 2D single-player snake game to multiplayer, using a more scalable game design for online gaming. Finally you will be tackling more advanced networking topics, allowing you to handle problems such as server queries from multiple users and making your multiplayer games more secure and less prone to cheating.

. However, reducing and managing network latency all the while preventing cheating, orchestrating multiple clients and keeping everyone in sync with a game server, and making sure every player has an excellent experience can quickly become overwhelming. This book will teach you how to develop games that support multiple players interacting in the same game world, and show you how to perform network programming operations in order to implement such systems.

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